Sponsorship can help offset costs and provides equal opportunities for players and families of all backgrounds.

Individual players or entire teams can electronically fundraise membership tuition or facility costs through a "GoFundMe" type model. This process is commonly know as crowdfunding.  It's completely turn-key and easy.

Less than 20 minutes, 5 Easy Steps:

  1. Learn more or sign-up by clicking the button below and filling out a short form. A sponsorship page and personal text-to-give number will generated and shared with you. For teams that wish to fundraise the use of the facility, a team page will be generated.​

  2. Each student athlete or team optionally fine tunes that page with their goals

  3. Send the page link and unique text-to-give number to friends and family via email or text. Optionally, we can automate the process for you if you provide contact information for potential sponsors

  4. Sponsors make contributions securely in minutes, web or mobile. Reasonable monthly donations are encouraged.

  5. The money is seamlessly credited to your account