Rock Sports Center is a new, bright and ultra-clean facility. Surfaces are disinfected after every session..The facility is equipped with wall mounted hand sanitizer stations and clean bathrooms. Our reception area is wide open and hallways average 8 feet wide. We abide by CDC Guidelines so the following rules apply:

  • Limit your party to 2 guests only, and guests must be under the age of 65.

  • Maintain social distancing at ideally 10 feet, but at least 6 feet. We have 15,000 sq.ft. of space, so there is plenty of room to support appropriate social distancing.

  •  Use Purell dispensers located in the front entrance and wash hands before and after participating in any activity.

  • Wear provided sterile gloves when picking up balls and while spectating.

  • Use provided disinfectant spray on surfaces where appropriate.

  • If you or anyone in your party are feeling unwell in any way, please cancel your appointment with no penalty.

  • Helmets must be worn at all times and not be shared.

  • Players must bring their own equipment and should not to be shared.

  • Make sure to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before and after activity.