Baseball 360 Training

Hit, Field and Workout All-In-One

In-Season, Pre-Season, and Off-Season

This long-term program is will prepare elementary, middle, and high school players for the next level. Our college-inspired system includes intensive hitting, defensive work, and strength and speed. Pick and choose from any available session. Book in real-time through the Rock Sports mobile app. 

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Monthly Plans or pay by the session.... click here for pricing


Your first visit to the all-new Rock Sports Center is complimentary! Use the purchase option FREE FIRST VISIT. 


*If you have any hardship from the COVID-19 crisis, talk to us and we will work with you on costs. We don't want to turn any motivated student athlete away.

Whats Included:

1) Batting Practice - hit off of 5 different machines that challenge hitters with different velocities and pitch types, including curveballs and a change up / fastball circuit off the professional jugs machine.

2) Defensive Drills- take infield, outfield and throw bullpens. We retract the nets and do a full infield workout while rotating pitchers and catchers into the bullpen area. 

3) Strength and Athleticism Circuit - power through a 10 station circuit with a focus on baseball specific movements using bands, kettlebells, medicine balls, and a sled.

(Not included in Jr. Baseball 360 for younger players)

Training sessions run daily, book via the app or via the web portal

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