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This comprehensive program will prepare youth and high school players for the next level. Our college-inspired system includes travel baseball and all-season training. Training includes hitting, defensive work, arm care, weight training and speed training. Team practices and small group a la cart sessions are delivered each day. Includes discounted Rawlings products from our onsite Pro Shop! 


Options to be part of Diamondcats Baseball:

 1) All-Inclusive Membership and Travel Team:

     (Ages 13-18)  $300/mo. or with Maximum Payment Option $200*

     (Ages 10-12)  $275 /mo. or with Maximum Payment Option of 190*


When to Use this Option: When playing on a Diamondcats team with full access to training and facility. This is the highest value, lowest total cost option for both age groups, Elite and Youth.


2) All-Inclusive Membership without Travel Team: $250/mo. with Maximum payment of $175*


When to Use this Option: When playing on a different team, but still want full access to training along with opportunities to guest play and play in scrimmages.


3) All-Inclusive Youth Membership (Ages 9-12): $195/mo. Maximum Payment of $140*


When to Use this Option: For players 9-12, when playing on a different team, but still want full player development at a young age.


4) "Pay as You Go" 1/2 hour Session Credits: Purchase in blocks of 6, 24, 48, or 96


When to Use this Option: For anyone who wants a flexible pay as you go approach.


5) Travel Team Only:

     (Ages 13-18) $1,250 for Spring/Summer and $950 for Fall. (Discounts for Early Registration and Both Seasons)

     (Ages 10-12)  $700 for Spring/ $700 for Summer and $700 for Fall (Same Discounts)


When to Use this Option: When you want to play on a Diamondcats team, but for whatever reason not train at the facility OR for combine with the Pay as You Go Session Credit approach.


*What is the Maximum Payment Option?

By simply participating in the Fundraising effort, we will cap your maximum out of pocket expense. Any money you raise goes directly to off-set costs, so your payments could be even lower. Here's how it works:

Each player personalizes their own fundraising page and links to 10-20 people via text email or social media. It's already set up for you on a secure fundraising platform called GivingFuel. See samples below:

Sample player page:


Sample team page:



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Youth (Ages 9-12) and Elite (Ages 13-18)


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