Baseball and Softball

for College Hopefuls and Young Players


Rock Sports Center is a full service training center for baseball and softball with sport-specific strength and conditioning for boys and girls of all skill levels, ages 9 and up. Services include lessons, small group instruction   (6-10 players), camps and cage rentals. Pay as you go or become a member. Our "Level Player Field" crowdfund option can offset costs and provides equal opportunity. 


 Get Better Faster. Be Noticed.

COVID-19 Notice: Rock Sports Center adheres to strict social distancing and hygiene protocols.

15,000 sq. ft. with capacity limits mean an average of 15 feet of social distance per player.

Services begin May 9th. We will be phasing in programming to ensure safe options for you and your family.

The State of NC has authorized us to begin operations.


Rocky Coyle, Co-founder

and President of 4Life

 A 501(c)(3) non-profit since 2006

Rock Sports Center is the home of 4Life Inc which  provides Christian based youth programs to help develop character in our young people. These programs include faith based youth groups and supervised charitable community outreach events. Student will be able to earn service hours in the near future.



Gateway to Rock Sports Center Services

Register for lessons, training sessions, Jr. classes, and camps. Go to the "Store" tab for memberships. Make sure to create your family account by adding or linking family members. Then use the Rock Sports mobile App for everything Rock Sports Center. Download it from the App Store or Google Play today!  


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Small group instruction, 6-10 Players

3 age groups: Grades 3-6, Middle School and High School.

For older players, "Classes" are called "Training Sessions." and include hitting, defense, bullpens, and base running. For elementary school players, the primary class is Jr. Fundamentals which will teach proper mechanics and build a strong foundation.

We offer 3 strength and conditioning sessions: Applied Strength for Baseball and Softball, Athletic Development, and Active Recovery.



Summer Showcase Prep

Hitting, Fielding, and Pitching Sport-specific Power and Agility

(Coming Early June, 2020)



Summer Showcase Prep

Hitting, Fielding, and Bullpens

Baseball-specific Power and Agility 

(Coming May 14, 2020)


Throwing, Fielding, and Hitting Fundamentals for the Young Player

(Coming Early June, 2020)

Integrated, Sport-Specific

Power and Agility

Applied Strength for Baseball and Softball,

Athletic Development,

and Active Recovery

(Coming May 14, 2020)



Tightly coupled skill and strength is an approach inspired by modern college and pro systems. This innovative methodology re-enforces specific movements that occur on the field. For example, a player will work on a backhanded infield drill, then rotate over to a band station that supports the acceleration and deceleration of that same lunge motion. We call this motion specific training (rather than muscle specific.) What this means is sticking the landing when it counts. Because of the interoperability of skill and strength in one location, players will believe in it and see better results. 


Jr. Players Fitness Classes are a great way for our younger kids to establish healthy habits at an early age.


Order of magnitude gains will be achieved by attending 3-4 sessions per week.




Become a Player

Get better through high intensity repetition. In one session, players can expect to get hundreds of reps at each training station which includes hitting in 8 cages, pro style infield/outfield, and bullpen work.


6 pitching machines offer a variety of pitch types, velocities and release points. Our multi-purpose training space also other specialty training that's hard to do anywhere else.


Learn game strategy and mental approach in an environment of fun and variety. Memorable professionals and experts speak on a regular basis, sharing their journeys so our players can "stand on the shoulders of giants."


Become an Athlete

Get strong, fast, and flexible. Ball players who are stellar athletes rise above the crowd. Speed and explosiveness will enhance every part of your game. 


Using varied resistance training (dumbbells, medicine balls, sleds, bands, kettlebells, and more), we build every aspect of the athletic profile such as strength, power, speed, agility, balance, and proprioception (body awareness in space.)


Most importantly, we’re committed to thoughtfully training young athletes in the safest, most effective manner possible, never jeopardizing future health for performance today.

Crossfit Class
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Apply Your Skills

Make up for lost time. Competitive intrasquad games at local venues give players an opportunity to apply their skills.


These weekly doubleheaders are complimentary to travel ball Rock Sports Center does not field travel teams. Instruction is provided before each game so everyone gets reps, at-bats and innings. Professional players and coaches will make guest appearances. Local games are an efficient use of time and money.


Middle School and High School baseball games are slated for mid-late summer and fall 2020. Softball and Jr. games to follow. Game scheduling is subject to field availability relative to COVID-19 restrictions.



Set up your family account in our customer web portal, then download the Rock Sports app for Apple and Android. Search "Rock Sports."


Enroll in individual sessions or become a member. Manage everything from your phone!


Services Available May 9th:

Because of our charitable non-profit Status and ability to support social distancing requirements according to Executive Order 121, we have have obtained written authorization from the NC Department of Revenue to open and operate.

1)  Baseball Summer Showcase Prep

May 14th - June 14th

 Click Here for Details


2)  Reduced capacity cage rentals (book online, no walk-ins)

3) Summer Camp Registration - Camps run June 15th-August 15th

Note: Softball and Jr. Classes will begin in early June and Summer Camps will begin on June 15th


Please reserve in advance via our customer web portal or mobile app.


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